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Since 1986, we've dedicated ourselves to producing high-quality, reliable products at an unbeatable price. Our services encompass precision machining, engineering design, industrial repair and optimization, tool & die design, troubleshooting, and integration. Our state-of-the-art facility is optimized for efficient production, ensuring quality, dependable deliveries, and short lead times.

We take pride in our technical support capabilities and place a strong emphasis in ongoing communication, particularly in areas like procurement, quality control, logistics, and engineering.


Providing quality service to Owensboro, KY and surrounding regions since 1986


Industrial Mold & Machine Co.



- Industrial Repair and Service

- 5 Axes CNC Milling

- CNC Turning

- Wire EDM

- Water Jet Cutting


- CNC Routing

- Prototyping

- CAD Design and Engineering

- Tool and Dies

- Fabrication